Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cornish Workshop coming up

Over the weekend of  8th & 9th September Peter Warren will be taking two bonsai workshops at my place. They are going to be nice small groups - just 4 attendants, so everyone (and the trees) get plenty of attention.

All places are now filled, so I'll add some pictures after the event

cheers Marcus


  1. Wish I lived closer lol. I'm having PW here in October. I've posted this on the Wee Trees Forum, hope you don't mind.

  2. Hi M8, thanks for the re-post. i think we are quite similar, set out on the distant edges of the UK bonsai scene. It is so noticeable how much higher the standard of the trees are surrounding the better nurseries and in the vacinity of decent professional teachers. I see that the local hobbyists are eager for outside input but often think it won't happen living in the extreme edges of the country.

    I know there are several material trees around here that are potential Noelanders trees for the coming years, so hopefully a few will reach their full potential after a few workshops with Peter and other similar artists. It amazes me the people that think they dont need to invest in teaching and courses - as if you just wake up knowing how to drive a car, speak french or refine a bonsai !! My feelings are that by attending workshops from many sources, and listening to various professionals, you can access a wealth of info and decide which ones suit your personal style. some are in a rush for the one day image.............good for utube but not much else, others can deliver a tree to its best potential over the time it takes