Sunday, 19 April 2015

Repotting 3 - Real time video

One of our new additions  - a large specimen Japanese Acer Palmatum - is up for the repotting treatment today so I set up the video camera to record the process in real time and share it here

The Tibolar fertiliser pellets in NPK 4:6:2 were put in the pot and the trimmed root pad sat on top of them - this method gives the tree an incredible boost in recovering from the root pruning and potting as the organic feed is breaking down into useable compounds while the new root tips are forming - the tree can then continue the uptake of nutrients far quicker and I'm seeing great recovery on the trees repotted so far this year. We are offering the feed via the ebay shop in stand up pouches and buckets from £4.99  - £19.50

Tibolar 1kg 13:6:2