Saturday, 29 June 2013

when Yew see the tree hiding within

just a quick post of this afternoons work.

This chunky European Yew came in to our collection as part of a trade  - two trees out and two trees in. It caught my eye  for the powerfull trunk, really healthy strong foliage and striking dead wood.

When i first saw the picture of the tree I instantly tilted the computer to put the trunk a bit more upright as this design was very bold and striking but lacked the stability and power a tree like this could have, and the foliage had no connection to the soil as the living section of trunk is barely visible. With just a slight turn, a repot and a gentle wiring to re-position the main branches I hoped to create the image that jumped out at me from the start, and after describing the potential of the finished tree to a friend he gave me the go ahead to style the tree on his behalf.

An hour or two later the tree has a new potting angle without removing any roots, a series of guy wires have dropped each main branch and a light scissor pruning of the new foliage has given the first shape to the design. no fine wires have been used as the summer growth is tender  - any fine wiring needed will be left until winter when the growth has hardened off.

the final pic is the picture from above with a little bit of photoshop showing where I would allow the growth to fill in over the next few years - the powerful trunk needs a bit more foliage to balance it, hence the bottom branch remaining unpruned at this stage when the first styling was done

a really pleasing days work on a tree with a great future - a lovely unglazed red brown soft rectangle would finish this off perfectly

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