Sunday, 11 August 2013

A few trees for sale

Once in a while I'll highlight a few of the trees we have available for sale here - won't be doing it every post as it makes the blog quite boring, just now and again. i use ebay as a marketing tool to spread the word but their fees are getting higher and higher, so by contacting me directly you will get the best deal. please ask for delivery costs. Thanks. just message or email me for more info 

  003: Itoigawa juniper (sold)

 004: Kishu juniper £250

 005: Black Pine £SOLD

 006: Black Pine SOLD

007: Red Pine SOLD

 008: Zelkova SOLD

 009: Zelkova £80.00

 010: Cork Bark Elm £80.00

 011: Satsuki Azalea £165.00

 012: Crab Apple SOLD

 013: Crab Apple SOLD

 014: Flowering Honeysuckle £29.50

015: Itoigawa Juniper SOLD

 016: Chinese Elm SOLD

 017: Trident on Rock SOLD

 018: Korean Hornbeam £125.00

 019: Juniper Rigida SOLD

 020: Trident Maple SOLD

 021: Pomegranite SOLD

 023: Pyracantha £1250.00

 024: Mixed Ibigawa £750.00

 025: Juniper £5000.00

 026: Acer seedlings £5.00

027: Native Hornbeam SOLD

 028: Zelkova SOLD

 029: Cascade Itoigawa SOLD

 030: Zelkova 

 031: Itoigawa cascade (2) £135.00

 032: Beech Raft (Derek Aspinal pot)
This is a 7 trunk root connected raft - Most native beech bonsai don't catch my eye but this one certainly did £950 with pot, £450 without

 Chinese Elms £5, £10, £20, £65 +p&p straight ones, curvy ones

 Hinoki Cypress - 8 different trees £100.00 each

These mature Hinoki are all about 2ft tall, well branched and not leggy. 3 or more for a group planting £85 each. I've bought these to replicate the Kimura valley planting,  I need to make the slabs but until then they are for sale.

Here is the inspiration - watch this space .....

Call, email or message for more pictures of individual trees, sizes etc.

 And the cryptic song - this one takes some beating for a blatant sales page !! for best enjoyment click play then scroll to the top to enjoy the trees while subliminally hearing about shopping every day.....................

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