Sunday, 3 November 2013

it's in there somewhere

This tree was dropped round recently by a customer for a complete styling session. It is a quite unusual 5 trunk juniper group formed many years ago so the trunks are all well fused together now but as you can see the foliage has remained basically unstyled. The tree has been kept very healthy and the foliage has been kept nice and compact by nipping off all the strong extension shoots but doing nothing but this results in the pom pom type foliage blobs forming over time.

Here is the tree with its current front as it was dropped off

first impressions - 1) you cant tell there are 5 trunks, 2) the apex is behind the center point

This is the current back of the tree

All the foliage masses were thinned out and wired, then they were broken up into smaller elements. One guy wire was needed to move the 5th trunk into view and here is the result of the first styling.

It is very important not to massively reduce foliage on junipers in one hit so the new smaller pads retain a reasonable amount of green bits. Now we can see it is a 5 trunk tree and the trunk movement is nicely exposed.

There is one more sitting of fine wiring to do in the future but for now the tree can rest

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