Tuesday, 18 March 2014

new shop site up and running

Bonsai-at-16 has a new professional shop site up and running. Over the coming weeks lots more stock will be added - we keep trying to add trees but they sell before the pictures get done !

Other than that whats been going on ?

Customer styling projects are on the increase - if you have nice mature material trees that are in need of styling, refining, wiring, repotting etc contact me for a quote. Over the last few weeks we've completed 2 large hinoki cypress, black pine, cypress, 3 x juniper. Booked in now we have white pine, 2 x juniper, European black pine, Redwood.......

Why are we busy? - because we charge fairly and do a good job - projects are charged by the hour plus wire / consumable costs. I don't believe in plucking a price of several hundred pounds out of the air for styling a customer tree regardless of size, species or work needed. In fact is is very hard to go over £120 on a first styling of a medium sized tree where the work concentrates on branch selection, thinning, guy wiring etc. Fine wiring a large tree takes longer of course but we can give fairly accurate price guides from pictures.

Here is one of our newer stock trees - Scots pine twin, shallow rootball, brilliant bark

Plenty of healthy foliage ready to style this coming winter and
priced at £360.00. Not a postable tree really other than built onto a pallet - collect in person much prefered for a tree like this

Lots of repotting going on and one major change to one of
our specimen junipers - its always felt unbalanced so the low dropping branch has been moved from low and left to the right hand side of the trunk. the 2nd part of the branch that was layered over the top has been jinned and now a compact and far more balanced tree is forming

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