Saturday, 14 June 2014

getting some stock ready

Todays plans were changed and I had a few free hours so decided to get the next batch of material cleaned so I started  up, photographed and uploaded to various online sales sites we use

Shohin conifers were order of the day
Scots pine cascade, a little bit of wiring with our super soft 0.8mm copper soon had it in shape. Lovely tree, very shallow compact root ball, 23cm height from apex to bottom of cascade - Sold already

Curly raw material Itoigawa junipers from Japan - these make superb shohin junipers and are great for workshops, practice, for wiring by the TV etc. Purchased from the safety of our ebay store they are £85.00, directly from us £70.00. I've cleaned up 2 for now but have some more.

Here is another similar tree but chunkier, next size up type of thing

Listed on ebay it costs £95.00, buying direct £80.00

Then we have three really good junipers - all are itoigawa, multi trunk clump style trees with compact mature foliage (made in Japan from air layering branches from old mature bonsai)
Tree one

Tree two

Tree three

Once these little babies are wired out and layered a bit you will have a brilliant little mature shohin bonsai - all three are 16-17cm tall and 22-23cm wide. Directly from us they are £120 each

Tucked in with the Junipers was a great little dwarf Japanese Black Pine, I love it when that happens ! £115.00

Above tree just sold, but nice to see it anyway 

We now have 20-25 pieces of  raw collected and field grown part trained material here. One by one I'll style them and add them to the bonsai stock for sale but a few can be offered as material in case anyone wants project or workshop trees. Here is a spruce, wild, quite aged, very compact from grazing and completely settled from collection - ready to style, £100.00

This is a tidy cork bark elm - 20cm tall, excellent variety with the dark green leaves, compact shoots etc. Great trunk size on such a short tree - rough pruned branch structure ready to be refined more to make a really high quality shohin cork bark elm. I bought this tree to keep.......but you cant think that with every tree you spot £85.00 bought direct.

With so many tempting trees I needed to bring payment methods up to date so now we are taking credit and debit cards - our service is fully mobile so we can process payments here in the garden, at shows, when delivering trees, when meeting in car parks etc

and now some tunes for my favorite readers

More treats to follow soon 

Wow - that was quick - the man is a bonsai machine............

29" tall san hose juniper - wire free at the moment, ready for work -a nice inexpensive juniper with really shallow root ball, very very healthy foliage, nice carved shari, aged and dried out
Bargain piece of material - collected from the garden £180 gets it

And a similar juniper but different species - 26" tall, just as shallow a root ball, equally nice carved shari

you know when you have a workshop session booked with a bonsai professional and you get the wicked thought pop into your head - I wonder what I've got that will really challenge him ? ........but it must have a bit of potential so you go home with a reasonable tree at the end of the day ............THIS IS THAT TREE! £145.00 for a very reasonable material juniper

For now

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  1. Hi Marcus, sorry for delay in telling you what I thought of the Itigowawa Juniper Raw material you picked for me. It arrived safely and well packaged. Opened to find a lovely healthy tree as requested. It is a very rare occasion that I am "stumped" but this little tree has so many possabilites that I really am at a loss as how to approach it. I have cleaned off the roots just to reduce depth of pot needed, repotted in a rectangular craquelure cream / natural bonsai dish, maybe not the best but all I have at present due to financial restrictions. Tree is sitting on a turn table in front of me as I watch the Rugby 6 Nations and I am hopeing to get inspiration. This is a really lovely tree and super value for money, same tree with light shaping would be at least £250 to £450 elsewhere. I am a 100% Definate Repeat Customer from now on, I have my requests logged already and wish to thank Marcus for his friendly and helpful attention. Great Job mate, in words of Rugby you have scored a try and conversion and on your way to bonus points. Many thanks, John McG.