Saturday, 12 July 2014

sales benches on a drizzly july day

The current available stock

I won't fill the blog with endless pictures of sales material - so just a neat little link to the facebook page

While taking all the sales pics I took a few others as you do. Quite a grey day, bit of drizzle, quite atmospheric

 Variety is the spice of life - colour, texture, style 

 Trident and Palmatum defoliated within a few days of each other - a perfect example of the difference in vigour between the two species

 Common Juniper - repotted to desired angle in 2013, cut back lots of long branches this spring, long way to go though - but it lives and grows here OK  just like any other tree. 

 The weak white pine that was dropping branches pushed out so much strong growth after feeding last year with our bonsai boost fertiliser pellets - there were 24 baskets full in 2013, 6 this year, tree recovered now and ready to style this winter - from now on its only going to be fed in sept but will be watered once a month with our fish emulsion

 Taxus Cuspidata - needs a show pot and 2 more yrs refining - we are getting there with this one

 smaller trees, some styled but most are kept as good quality part trained material

 Cleaned up, thinned a bit, opened out to let light in - important to keep the tree from hollowing out

 Peeking through from the path

 Down the other end we have material trees ....some for sale, some project trees of mine - hinoki, beuvronensis, sabina, olive, rosemary

 More of the same - scots pine, prunus mume, potentilla, spruce, sabina, yew

 Kimura through the drizzle----- even looks nice from the back

Wrong type of rain (reign) but who can spell these days ! 

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