Monday, 4 August 2014

the pots my trees live in

Slowly we are getting some nice pots to complement the trees as they mature and warrant them.
Some have actually come with the trees, some have come with different trees in them and others I have traded for trees, just one in the selection was actually bought up till now

Old green glazed Tokoname pot housing a pyracantha 

greens and golds in this beautiful pot holding a satsuki in training

Delicate pot for a delicate tree - Zelkova broom

a special pot made and inscribed by one of greatest unglazed pot makers ever.  The inscription is to pay homage to the ascension to the throne of the new emperor of Japan. Yamadori  juniper with grafted itoigawa foliage

Antique chinese - late 1800's or very early 1900's. Yamadori white pine in residence

Antique chinese cochin ware - mid 1800's would be fair estimate of production - 130 -160 years old
holds an oriental bittersweet

amazing delicate large oval - perfect lines, no warping - deshojo lives in this 1" of soil

Waiting for am acer........

lovely old pot from Anne swintons book - been used at Noelanders and will home a very nice juniper in spring

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