Monday, 30 April 2012

Magical accents - or Just Weeds in Little pots ?

Those that know me from the club will remember a few years ago, when the general chat  was all display and accent related I said that accents were just the weeds that grow under nice bonsai ! It was slightly tongue in cheek but probably reflected I felt that my trees were not really ready to show to anyone so didn't need any little pot plants to go with them .

I guess times change a bit, and there is something to be said for a nice balanced display now and again so gradually little pots of bits and pieces start appearing in amongst the trees on the benches. Recently our club treasurer - who happens to be a potter - has been making some lovely little pots, and he has been getting some really interesting textures and colours. I had a few things I wanted him to make to add further interest to a couple of plantings I had planned and over the last few weeks these little plantings are starting to look quite nice.

This is the 'chairmans challenge' pot - planted and left outside to begin the ageing and patina process.

 This beautiful pot has a matching jitta - another unique feature and to me the composition looks much better than just a pot on a slice of wood

Most of the plants were just things that looked small growing in the garden and a few were some little alpines from a recent trip to the garden center. These should give the little bit of added interest to my tree display at the upcoming Bonsai South West event in Exmouth, Devon.


  1. Looking good!!
    I'll need some 'gallery pictures' at some point!!


    1. haha, Hi Gordon.

      Take all the pics if you want- especially as you made every pot.!!

      i have a few more too, so i'll email them over.