Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Bonsai by the sea

Last Sunday was the annual event 'Bonsai South West', held in the Exmouth Pavillion by the sea. The displays are based on a selection of trees from supporting clubs across the South wesy corner of England, plus several local traders come to sell their trees, pots, accessories and all related stuff.

Representing the county of Cornwall Colin and I set up 6 tables with a few of our trees - setting off with cars heavily loaded about 6am. Here is an overview of our day in pictures........

I put off the first leaf thinning on the red acer as show trees want to be fuller - but 24hours after getting home half the outer leaves were removed to give essential light to the inner leaves and buds.

one of Colins tables - white pine and berberis

Driftwood Juniper Chinensis 'sergentii'

Red Hawthorn - Paul Scarlet

Accent plant in a Gordon Hunt pot with matching base

 Local reporter covered the show before heading off to Chelsea Flower show

Gordon near the end of the show - the tables look a little lighter than at the start - I think he's hiding a starter pack of bonsai bags and fertiliser in the other hand... ;-)

Cornish Elm

Before the talent styling competition I did a short demo on working with raw garden center material.


Then the comp got going for real - here are the entrants from cornwall hard at work

And Oliver took the cup !

Chinese Elm originally from Roberts St Mawgan bonsai Nursery - 18 yrs ago !

And a few lovely trees from our neibours - Celtic Knot bonsai in Wales Scots pine and blackthorn

And as the hall empties of people its time to pack up and go home !



  1. Maple looks great Marcus !!

    1. Thanks Peter - it has behaved so well since I bought it from you at willowbog last summer - we love it and get hours of pleasure from the tree.