Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cornwall Bonsai Society & the National Trust

This weekend my local club organised their annual show at the National Trust property Trelissick Gardens near Truro. This was actually the 10th consecutive year of the show and we set up as usual in the stable block (no horses in residence).

A very sunny weekend saw a constant stream of people coming in to see the trees and chat and it was brilliant that the bonsai display was free to see as we were on the car park side of the pay desk. Here are just a few of the many trees and accents - I think there were over 100 in total and something to interest everyone for sure

 Scotts Pine in the archway to greet the public as they came through the door.

A very nice Quince showing the new growth before a prune back later in the season

Variegated Serrisa broom style - about 5" high and beautifully delicate

A stand back view of one of the stable blocks 

                                                                     miniature Berberis in full bloom

Lovely little accent - if the right person reads the blog they can tell me the species via a comment

Large Hawthorn raft - it looks like 2 trees but they are most definitely connected

Zelkova - Japanese grey barked Elm, broom style

Mixed planting that has been together a few years now and has taken on a very natural appearance

Pencil in 2014 as a diary date as we are moving to the main house orangery so a few more of the big guns may come out to make an appearance !

Great weekend and really good to spend some time sharing the hobby with the public.

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