Monday, 26 May 2014

Bonsai Online videos

These are excellent online films giving so many hints and bonsai tips - I find myself hunting through the 40 odd films quite often looking for a section on specific pruning, or on a species etc so I thought I'd put together a set of links with a bit of a description to make it easy to find the right film each time.

Episode 1 - An overview of the Nursery Fujikawa Kouka-en and an insight into what the apprentices do on a daily basis

Episode 2
Energy balancing of Silverberry - Elaeagnus Pungens
Maple pruning in early spring
Day trip to Kyoto - Arashiyama

Episode 3
Juniper Styling - Shimpaku for Kokufu-ten
Cryptomeria - summer maintenance

Episode 4
Hinoki Cypress - Bud pinching & Branch trimming
Day Trip Kyoto

Episode 5
Shimpaku Juniper Refinement - Kifu
Summer maintenance - Dwarf star jasmine

Episode 6
Shohin appreciation and display

Episode 7
Japanese Red & Black pine decandling techniques
Large trees and shohin

Episode 8
Hinoki clump styling - wiring
Visit to japanese restaurant garden

Episode 9
Styling Hinoki formal upright
Day trip kyoto Temples

Episode 10
Japanese White Pine
pad wiring and formation

Episode 11
Interview with Naoki Maeoka
Styling juniper shimpaku in Bunjingi style

Episode 12
Matching a tree with the correct pot:
Trident Maple
Styling a grafted white Pine
Repotting White Pine

Episode 14
Clump style white Pine

Episode 15 Part 1
Large & Medium bonsai of various species to appreciate 

Part 2

Episode 16

Episode 17
Minoru Fujikawa - founder of Kouka-en

Episode 18
Show refinement for Taikan-Ten

Episode 19

Episode 20
Carving and cleaning with power tools
Needle juniper
Red Pine

Episode 21
White pine styling
Planting on a slab
Preparing for high end exhibition

Episode 22
Taikan-ten Bonsai Exhibition

Episode 23
American native bonsai
rocky mountain Juniper
Virginia Pine
Ponderosa pine
American hornbeam

Episode 24
Kokufu-ten overview and sales area
Masashi Hirio interview

Episode 25
Japanese Maples - doing it properly
Branch removal and pushing growth back in
Wiring and branch manipulation

Episode 26
Basic repotting

Episode 27
Deciduous maintenance
Pruning, defoliating

Episode 28

Episode 29
White Pines
pruning, feeding, wiring, pad formation

Episode 30
Interview with Juan Cruz

Episode 31
Taikan-ten 32 exhibition

Episode 32
David Martinez making a small juniper and an interview

Episode 33
White Pine
Red & Black pine

Episode 34
Shishigashira maple preparation for kokufu
Hinoki Cypress masterpiece preparation

Episode 35
Trident maple defoliation

Episode 36
Spring techniques for alternate leafing deciduous trees

Episode 37
Black pine styling & repotting

Episode 38
Small clay pot juniper styling and repotting

Episode 39
Styling a very large yamadori shimpaku juniper

Episode 40
Spring repotting

Episode 41

And the funnies

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