Sunday, 11 May 2014

Cornish Bonsai Exhibition 17th / 18th May

Trellisick Gardens

The annual Cornwall Bonsai Society bonsai and separate accompaniment plant show is coming up.


Trellisk Gardens - National Trust property between Truro and Falmouth

Bonsai Exhibition is in the stable block and surrounding area


May 17th & 18th - Saturday and Sunday


Entry to Bonsai Show is FREE. makes a refreshing change these days. (To acceess the other parts of the National Trust property there are the usual entry charges. Just paying the car park charge gives access to the upper parkland walks - (Dogs allowed) , coffee shop, gallery, Bonsai exhibit etc.

This is a club members show and will highlight the fantastic diversity of trees and plants we have within the society - there will be Bonsai from shohin or even mame up to specimen large trees. Japanese trees & native trees will make up the displays and a large selection of unique accent plants, bonsai accompaniment plantings and other seasonal plants used in display and for appreciation- I expect there will be over 100 individual plants & trees to see.

I'm not sure what to take yet but this one is looking nice and has never been used there before.

If my table is going down the deciduous route we need a bit of contrast in colour and style so maybe this one as well ?

Then i hope to fit in a 3rd smaller and very unusual species

The Sessile Oak  - picture ?...........

come to the show and see

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